Exciting news!
We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Muirhead and Scottish Leather Group, alongside our European allies Schoepf and Kneitz. Together, we’re revolutionizing public transportation in Denmark with sustainable solutions.

Expanding on our strong foothold in the Nordic market, this collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in promoting innovation and eco-friendly practices in public transportation. With Muirhead’s extensive experience in CO2-neutral leather production for aviation, rail, and buses, we’re set to make a real difference.

Moreover, we’re proud to share that our colleague, Hans Jørn Lindgaard, recently visited Scottish Leather Group during Week 9. There, he gained invaluable insights into their operations by exploring their production and development facilities firsthand.

In the spirit of collaboration, we’re thrilled to combine Muirhead’s sustainable leather solutions with the expertise of Schoepf and Kneitz, two leaders in their fields. Together, we’re committed to reshaping the future of public transportation, focusing on innovation and environmental responsibility.

For more information about our esteemed partners, please visit their websites:

Muirhead and Scottish Leather Group: https://www.muirhead.co.uk/en/
Schoepf: https://www.e-schoepf.de
Kneitz: https://www.kneitz.at

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey towards a more sustainable future in public transit.