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At KPH Handel we are very passionate about our customers. We want to help with the big picture, and we do this in Rail, Industry and Commercial Vehicles.

We want to be one-stop for you as a customer.

Our mission to be one-stop is through our know-how, strong competencies and our well-established supplier network and service partners throughout Europe.

Using our sense of a high level of service to you as a customer and a sense of both the short and the long run, we are always ready to solve your needs or challenges.

With the relationships we have and the flexibility our organization has created, we are always ready to help you. We devote the time you need, and we strive to do a good job.

We help you with what helps create success for you as a customer.

Our strong supplier network and close relationships enable us to supply a wide range of products for Railway, Industry and Commercial vehicles, including consulting, service, repairs and unit replacement.

We are ready to help you: +45 41 50 11 11 or


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