Our overall policy is:

  • We work with a focus on quality and compliance with customer requirements in every process.
  • We work in a safety and environmentally responsible manner, and we seek reduction of environmental impact in every process.
  • We are committed to preventive thinking and seek improvements in every process.

The policy manifests itself in the following commitments:

  • We are committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution, including compliance with applicable environmental legislation and regulatory requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly materials and processes shall be pursued, considering technical, economic, and quality aspects.
  • Waste shall be sorted, and its quantity shall be reduced.
  • Accident rates shall be reduced through analysis and prevention.
  • We are committed to meeting customer needs and have customer requirements at the forefront, and we must be able to manage these, to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.
  • The handling of every customer enquiry must be smooth and efficient.
  • Employees must be motivated through information and training to maintain the quality and environmental policy and have the necessary prerequisites and qualifications to carry out the work, and all employees are expected to take responsibility for the quality and environment of the work. This also applies to any agents.
  • There must be continuous follow-up regarding delivery performance and deviations.
  • New jobs must be thoroughly assessed to ensure that they are suitable for our production equipment and that we have the necessary capability, including identification of risks and assessment of these.
  • Machinery must be maintained and be in a condition to allow production plans to be satisfactorily implemented.
  • The quality and environmental management system shall at least meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015/14001:2015 and shall be continuously maintained, developed, and improved to improve quality and environmental performance.

Targets for environmental impacts shall be set based on selected action areas, considering technical and economic feasibility, regulatory requirements and stakeholder views, as well as significant environmental aspects.