KPH and HÜBNER – Making Mobility Happen

We are very pleased to be able to offer Denmark the complete range of HÜBNER Group Mobility Rail.

Together with the other product groups we have in our portfolio, we are pleased to welcome HÜBNER Group
HÜBNER Group is a state of art manufacturing of gangway systems to the transport sector.

“In our globalized world, we are constantly in motion – traveling and commuting have become part of our general standard of living in the 21st century. The HÜBNER Group is an integral part of this megatrend. As the global market leader for gangway systems and a major supplier of sealing systems for buses and trains, HÜBNER has been providing innovative products to the transport sector for decades. Thanks to this demonstrated expertise, the company is the global leader in this area. Nonetheless, each product is always individually and exactly customized to precisely fit the requirements of each customer. There’s a reason why the HÜBNER name stands for quality and innovation – now for more than 75 years.