Guide element

play a key role in guiding the wheelset. As system components they can also be
used to transmit loads in the traction link and anti roll system as well as in the
driveline suspensions.

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ContiTech and Phoenix air spring systems play a key role in the secondary suspension. It’s all a matter of the air: air springs have a low natural frequency, which minimizes the transmission of vibrations. Another advantage is the constant leveling function which maintains the vehicle body at a consistent height – regardless whether it is full of passengers or empty. And with the pneumatic height control, the train car exits can be adapted precisely to the height of the station platform.

MEGI® Rubber/Metal Composite

The primary suspension system is the most technically demanding feature in the bogie. Vibrations must be dampened and stiffness values harmonized precisely. There are a multitude of suspension engineering challenges to be mastered with rubber/metal composite of our brand product MEGI®: MEGI® primary spring systems, as well as hydraulic springs, axle springs (Chevron), leaf springs and compact conical springs guide the wheel sets and suspend the bogie. Auxiliary steering systems, such as steering rods, transmit power as resilient components between the bogie and the vehicle body in addition to steering the wheel set.


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