Cable ducts

Max-2N – 1000x100x155 mm
Max-3N – 1000x240x155 mm

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The cable duct is used along the railroad in work areas. The ducts are 1 meter long and are hooked into each other in the laying direction, creating a stable duct route. The lid is hooked in the duct. The result is a duct route, correctly locked into place, that is vandalism resistant and can withstand large mechanical loads at low and high ambient temperatures. The cable ducts with lids can be installed in different conditions:
1. The upper side of the lid is at ground level thereby eliminating the risk of stumbling.
2. Partially (or completely) built into the ground or on the ground when the substrate is too hard or when the ducts are, for example, temporarily used as protection for aboveground cables.
3. Above ground level on a bridge structure if built into the ground or on the ground is not possible or not desired.
4. Completely underground if desired, for example, because it decreases the risk of cable theft.


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