We will continuously maintain and improve / develop the system as well as meet customers’ expectations for our products and deliveries in every respect and thereby create confidence in our professional and safety capabilities. We want customers to get the impression and the experience that their views and needs are heard and that the collaboration takes place uncomplicated with a professional attitude. Goals and policies are followed up at the evaluation meeting in the management and policies are communicated on the web.

Our strategic direction in relation to quality / safety at work and competence is reflected in the policies

This means that we will endeavor to:

  • • Everyone focuses on high security in every respect and is familiar with current goals and policies
  • Deliver the right product at the right time and continuously improve the quality of the services performed.
  • Identify and assess risks.
  • Meet all relevant customer requirements and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements as well as standards for purchasing and selling products.
  • Work to achieve a high level of satisfaction with customers and other stakeholders.
  • Contribute actively to ensure the best possible employee training / development, including to meet applicable policies and goals.
  • Take preventive / corrective action to address any discrepancies.